Welcome to Island Mountain Farm's home on the Internet. Nothing fancy but hopefully you'll enjoy your visit.

Our goal is to share a little of our life here, provide you with some information you'll find interesting, and maybe bring a smile to your face while we do it. It's quite a challenge being a new, old farmer or an old, new farmer. Both are filled with rewards. With that said, let's get started.

What We Do.

Pretty simple really, we do our best to raise the healthiest sheep and pigs and grow our garlic, shallots, specialty onions, and gourmet potatoes as naturally as possible.

At the same time our goal is to make sure the land we have taken stewardship of is better when we leave it than it was when we found it.

Why We Do It

That's a little more complicated. Why we raise our sheep and pigs and grow our produce naturally and sustainably is pretty simple. It produces the kind of food we want to feed ourselves and feed our family and friends. Why we farm, why we live in a remote area of north central Washington, there are a number of reasons.

Your host, Farmer Bill, spent his formative years on a farm in north east Ohio. His parents moved him off the farm and into the suburbs but they never took the country out of him. He literally grew up with baby animals on the farm. Learning the ways of the shepherd and swineherd are a constant joy and completely natural for him.

Farmer Eva was a Garden Goddess in an urban environment and has brought her gift to the country. She's taking really good dirt and turning it into truly remarkable, living soil. Each year, the gardens are more beautiful and bountiful under her supervision and effort.

How We Do It

The simple answer here is: holistically. Enough books to fill a wall of shelves have been written on the subject, trust us we've read a few. Farming holistically is anything but simple. It's a matter of observation, balance, and intuition. Obviously using shortcuts will not accomplish that goal. For well over 30 years this land has never had chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides applied to it. We have made a decision to farm biodynamically and are implementing those disciplines and techniques in our work.

What It Means For You

Another simple answer, it means you have access to the same food we grow for ourselves. Our food is as safe, fresh, nutritious, and as tasty we can make it. There is nothing we offer to you that we don't eat ourselves.

Places to Visit While You're at Our Farm

Meet the Flock

Visit the Pig Pen

  • Heritage Pigs - What we have and why we have them
  • How to Buy Our Pork
  • The Herd's Picture Gallery

The Rest of the Farm

  • Potatoes, Onions, and Garlic - Oh My!
  • The Farm as a Whole
  • Plans, Dreams and Fantasies
  • Blogging on the Farm
Our animals and produce are raised and grown with love and respect. We ensure they are havested and processed with love and respect. If you cook our food with love and respect and then serve it with love and respect, you will eat love and respect, and that can provide a healing lacking in much of our society.